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Turkey Private Tours

Turkey travels is an independent travel agency in Turkey specializing in planning private tours,small group tours and gulet cruises. It was founded by Aykut Altınışık, a Turkish Archaeologist and certified tour guide. Aykut graduated from the University in Turkey as a classical archaeologist. He has worked on archaeological excavations and survey research programs all around Turkey including Ephesus and Smyrna. Aykut became qualified as a national certified tour guide in 1997. He has worked as a tour leader and tour guide for the most reputable tour operators. Aykut scheduled escorted Turkey tours from April to November and he takes discerning travelers from around the world. Turkey travels is a licensed, bonded and a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies)

Private Turkey Tours & Personal guided custom tours throughout Turkey

I plan and create personal guided private Turkey tours completely custom made for you. My guided private Turkey tour will provide you with a customized itinerary you want at your own pace. I can be very flexible and tailor a private tour around your desired travel dates. I will make it a truly unique and personal customized tour. My private Turkey tours are unique, generally lower costs and completely customizable.

I have a local knowledge, great contacts and excellent providers in Turkey. You will see the sites you want, try the food you like with me. Explore magnificent ancient cities and Unesco World Heritage Sites such as Ephesus, Pergamum, Troy. Stay in Turkey’s finest boutique style hotels, dine at local restaurants and follow off-the-beaten paths. My private Turkey tour is an excellent value for the money. I will create the best personal custom tour itinerary with you matching your tastes. We can Skype anytime you are available to discuss your private Turkey tour and answer your questions. If you are a couple, family or a group of friends, contact me to send you a sample itinerary. Visit private Turkey tour page for more info.

Small Group Turkey Tours (Max 10 people)

Our small group Turkey tour is ideal especially for first-time visitors and discerning travelers who want to explore the major sites in Turkey. See most well-known sites or off the beaten path. Travel with modern mini-bus, stay at centrally located boutique style hotels and eat at the local restaurants for the best culinary experience. There is no optional visit or hidden expense. Enjoy cultural discovery events such as Turkish cooking class, local craft workshop etc.  Aykut is personally leading our small group Turkey tour. When you inquire, we will send you the detailed itinerary including the hotels, sites etc. Please visit our small group Turkey tour page for the details.

Escorted Gulet Cruises in Turkey

Turkey Travels arranges 8 days escorted gulet cruises in Turkey. We take small groups (12 people max.) and cruise along the Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coast.  Turkey has got a beautiful coast, stunning landscape and hundreds of ancient cities. Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coast is one of the ideal places for a small group gulet cruise in the world. We visit ancient sites, follow off-the-beaten path, swim, snorkel and relax during our cruise. If you are a family or a group of friends, you can hire your own gulet boat with its crew. We can also help you to plan and create the best gulet cruise for your private gulet cruise. When you inquire a private gulet cruise in Turkey, we will send you the pictures of the gulet boats, itinerary and the sample menu.

One of my trip reviews on Trip Advisor:

My family (2 adults and three sons (15, 20 and 25) hired Aykut for a 12 day tour of Turkey. He was amazingly responsive throughout the planning and was obviously committed to ensuring an incredible trip from the moment we contacted him through our return home. He delivered on his promise -- it was amazing. We started in Istanbul, flew to Izmir, toured Ephesus, drove to Pamukkale, then to Antalya, then Konya, Cappadocia and then back to Istanbul. We travel a great deal as a family and we all agreed that the trip arranged and guided by Aykut was our top travel experience. He is quite extraordinary -- a wonderful guide to the people, the sites, the food and the culture of Turkey.
First, a few words about Aykut. He is very special. As a guide, he is superb -- very knowledgeable and loves to explain the sites. He walks you through the history and caters to any special interest. Even more importantly to us, he was a tremendous travel companion. He figured out early on in the trip that we loved local sights, meeting local people in the towns and eating food in places not catering to tourists. He introduced us to a world of fun experiences as we got to know the Turkey that was a little off the beaten track -- great shops, people, hotels and restaurants. He not only made us feel comfortable but made us feel part of the culture. He is fun, interesting, easy going and simply delightful.
We had a great driver for our tour as well -- Dursun. He and Aykut work together often and have a wonderful relationship. He and Aykut became part of our family -- joining us for meals on occasion and enjoying the fun. He was a superb driver as well. 
We reviewed the hotels as we toured (check TripAdvisor)-- Aykut did an incredible job of finding special small hotels. In Istanbul, we fell in love with the Turkoman Hotel. It is a small, family run hotel, right off the Hippodrome. The rooms are fine but what distinguishes it is the roof top deck that overlooks the city and the Blue Mosque and the people who run it -- we felt like we were home. Other hotels of special note were the Cella Hotel and Spa in Ephesus. Lovely rooms, incredible people and impeccable service. Hard to leave. We also fell in love with the Hich Hotel in Konya -- the Mevlana Museum is well worth the stop and the Hich is a wonderful place to stay. Very special.
In terms of sites, Aykut never let us down. We saw wonderful ancient ruins and magnificent sites. Aykut's knowledge is deep so he was able to tailor his approach to our interests. One of our sons is interested in traditional music and Aykut helped facilitate exploring that interest. Another son is into cooking and spices -- Aykut did a magnificent job of exposing us to the incredible world of Turkish cooking. We explored local markets and ate in out of the way places where Aykut has friends from his travels. We took the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia (a must do) but also explored the sites in surrounding villages.  As you can tell, we had an extraordinary experience. I hope that anyone reading this review makes the decision to visit this very special country and to engage Aykut as a guide. Best decision of our travel lives!    Barbara, Boston-USA

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